Why did he changed his mind about me?

We knew each other for like 3 or 4 years ago, I know him because he is a cousin of a cousin and in family reunions we got to see each other, and since the day I met him I just knew that he liked me, and he was the kindest and the sweetest person,and he was so kind with my family too,but we didn't see each other taht often, it was like once every 2 or 3 months, and I started liking him little by little . And it was this kind of reunion again this March and he was sitting next to me, (we were watching a movie, me, my two little cousins and him) ,and he kind of wanted me to grab his hand... So little bit later I decided to take it , and I know he was nervous because his hands were really swetty, and it felt so weird, because he never knew I liked him too, (and I'm not the kind of person that hangs out with boys , I'm kind of shy, I just don't know why I did it) ... So I decided to go for some water downstairs in the kitchen, and he followed me, and there was no one i. The kitchen because the reunion was outside,and he wanted to kiss me, but I just hugged him,but later I went downstairs again, and the same thing happened but this time I kissed him... So later that night, when I went to my house, he texted me, and he said that he never wouldve thought taht this would haopened , and we talked about a lot of stuff, he said he liked me since he met me,he just said a lot of beautiful things to me, like evrything a girl would want to hear from a boy,...just everything, , so 3 days later we decided to go to the movies, but me and him told our moms we were going with friends, so no one ever knew... And he just seemed so perfect, he kissed me.. And everything. But the next days he stopped texting me, few days later asked how he has been, but this time he responded me like he was just a friend, and like 2 weeks later or so, his status was: Im..(his name)and I love ( a girls name) and so I decide to text him.. But I started of with a random conversation but then I bringed out..like.. Who is she? And he said... Why do you care... And I tod him... Why would you put so? And he said... can't i... And few text later, he said... If we keep going with our lives? And I said... It seems like the best option...

It just leaved me so confused... If he liked me for all this time( not because he said it, I just knew it) ..he finally had me, and then just changed his mind in less than a month.. So right now I'm so confused.. And I just can't get it out of my mind... Why did he made me fall in love with him? ...


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  • It seems that he's just sexually attracted to you, though for him you're not the girlfriend material. It's really hard being someone like that.


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