First date no calls please help need opinions

I met this guy online, he saw my pictures and liked me, after he sent me PM. we talked he asked for my number I didn't give it to him. so we continued to message each other trough the site. we have been talking day and night non stop. after while I finally gave him my number. we would send each other our pictures we would text eacher every day its like he became part of my life and I really enjoyed talking to him. then we decided to meet. last Friday we went out, of course it was awkward Because we have never met in person so we went somewhere where we can just seat and talk. we talked a little he would tease me like I don't know he would say things like my car is better than urs he drives nissan and mine is BMW. lol than he would say things I don't even remember than I would say why are you saying it he would say that he is makin fun of me. I am like ummm okayyy lol we both were acting kind of weird but I understand Because it was first time we met each other. Then he gave me a ride to my car. we huged each other and then he said that he is sorry he couldn't take me out for a dinner Because we only had one our to hand out since I'm a kind of girl that can't stay out late. so I said its OK then he said we will go out someday soon. I didn't say anithing. he had to order few things for my car, so he said he will text me when they dliver them. so I thought its kind of wired that he said that Because I was thinking he might text me the same day. long story short. its already been 4 days I Haven't got any calls or texts from him:(

btw when we were talking he wouldn't add any other girls or comment on their pics. right the next day fater our date. he started to add rondom girls and comment under their pics. so that pissed me off as well. do you think he will text? why guys act this why? I need some opinions please!


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  • He will text you. It seems that he just got awkward when he met you, and perhaps, he felt so down when he saw that you're richer than him.


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