Why hasn't he called?

I went on a date with a guy last Wednesday, and everything went really well. We both said we had a good time, and didn't want the date to end. We also texted that night after the date and everything seemed normal. Its now Tuesday, and I guess this might be a dumb question but why hasn't he called? Also, he's on social media sites but hasn't called. He said he had a good time so I'm just confused.


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  • There could be so many reasons. I have had that experience of being on a date that was fun only to have it go nowhere. Sometimes it was my decision not to go further, so some of this is based off of why I did not want the next date:

    1. It was so good it made him really think things through and he realized he's not ready for a relationship.

    2. He had fun with you, but you are not the one. You can have a good time with someone but know that you would not be able to have a relationship with them or be romantic.

    3. He is just not serious. Maybe he is just looking for random dates or random hookups and he will call when the mood strikes.

    4. He was being nice and polite but the date was not as much fun for him as he made it appear. I have definitely been very nice and finished out an entire date with someone I really did not mesh with at all. I know I have had a date or two who was being polite but was not really having that much fun with me.

    So, in the end, make this about you and what you want. Don't wait around for a call from a guy who would fizzle out on you like this, whatever the reason. I have learned from experience that it is not worth trying to make anything work with a guy who doesn't have a lot of interest in you. Good luck!


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  • zzz... *welcome to the world of the everyday man* zzz...

  • It seems that he just feel that he doesn't want to feel clingy or desperate.


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