The Age-Old Question: Does he like me?

Hi there guys! Need your help and advice on something :)

So, there's this guy that I've known since four years ago (when we were 18), and he's related to a very close guy friend of mine. We met while attending pre-university college. Well, back then our friendship was normal, it was casual. We didn't text a lot but when we do, he comes off as someone very cheeky and playful. And I had a little bit of a crush on him.

Well, fast forward to our university days (we ended up going to different univs) he and I still didn't keep in touch that often, because he would only text me during the long semester breaks and sometimes during school days. But not often. And he still seems very playful and cheeky. Our contact has always been mainly through texting and also the occassional Facebook messaging (which he always initiates). Other than that, he never comments on my FB posts or leaves any other signs of activity on my FB page (liking comments etc)

But, just a few months back, we met again, after nearly three years of not seeing each other face to face (he attended an event at my uni). And soon after that, he started becoming more active on my Facebook - he would comment and Like my status and stuff. Our Facebook messaging became more frequent and he would also text (Whatsapp more like) me frequently. There was one time we started talking and it lasted for over three hours and he kinda showed me a side of him that I've never known before (his views, hobbies, faves etc). That was the start of about a week-long messaging marathon (which he initiates always). Okay, one thing, he always initiates the texting, but I always do the goodbyes because either a) he suddenly stops replying to my texts and I have to say byebye b)I get tired and needed to do other stuff. AND he usually doesn't reply any goodbyes back (GAH! frustrating!), but the next night, he'd text me again. (Is this normal guy behavior ? Someone told me that if you'd told somebody goodbye over a text, that's it. It's not a requirement to reply) Our messaging marathon only stopped because I didn't say any goodbyes; I just left him hanging, and it wasn't until a few days later that I initiated the text that we started texting regularly again (I mean, on every other day usually). Also, just the other day, he texted me at 3 am in the morning while he was doing his assignment. And yes, he is still as playful and cheeky as ever, and we use blushing emoticons and tease each other alot.

Okay, I've always thought he was just texting me because he was bored and stuff (which I felt kinda offended about) but a girl friend of mine told me that I should take it as a positive sign that he looks for you when he's bored. Means, he's thinking of you.

So...after that long babble, I wanna know...does this guy like me? Because I sure as hell do, and I'm thinking of telling him that I like him (not now, somewhere along the lines). He is a very shy and reserved guy in person (he confessed this). Thanks!


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  • I would never put that much effort into keeping up with a girl if I wasn't SERIOUSLY trying to to hit on her. Men don't have that much time to devote to more than one woman, at least with meaningful content while keeping our story straight. He doesn't know how to get it started, but I suggest trying to meet up with him. It would be SO HOT if a girl I really like came to visit me and wound up staying the night. Make it easy on us: once it gets late and you've had a great time, ask if he'd like to go for a walk. Stop somewhere with a view or to just look at something. If his shoulders face you when he is around you, he's dying to kiss you. All you have to do is get close enough and stare him in the eyes, and he should kiss you. If he looks nervous, tell him not to worry and just touch him somehow. Women can be so vague and mysterious because you all usually want us to give you what you really want without having been told what that is exactly. Just stick with a shy guy and he will be in the right position. If he doesn't make a move, f*** it: just kiss him and see what happens. No respectable man thinks that is slutty or whatever. It is a huge relief to have the pressure taken off of us if we already like you, and believe me honey, he is 110% all about you and what you've got to offer. You don't have to tell him how you feel. Try just holding his hand. That makes it easy on us to know you're into us!


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  • The Age-Old Answer: We can't possibly know the exact scenario and exact people involved. We only have your details to go on here, and for all we know they could be biased due to your romantic interest in this guy and you WANTING to see certain things.

    So, start being a little less vague with this guy and be more upfront so you can get a clear answer. Or basically: make a move.

    Hope I helped :)

  • He really does like you. Imagine 3 Am in the morning and you're the girl who crosses his mind.


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