What should I do to get her to appreciate me?

I've been dating on and off (non exclusive) this girl for about 7 months now. We were very good friends beforehand and I kind of starting seeing her right after her breakup.

I've been ready to be with her from day one but she has never been ready. She afraid if we start dating that could be "it" and she isn't ready.

I've always been way to available, coming over whenever hanging out whenever. She still talks to other guys and does god knows what with them. every time I think she's making progress towards being with me I catch a text or something small about or to another guy.

I love this girl and have been holding on that one day she will figure it all out and be ready to be with me. What do I do to make her appreciate what we have and more importantly what do I do to keep my self respect?


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  • Personally as a girl, and probably most of the girls, we just do not show much affection towards a guy that we used to have fun or chat with, even if we are suspecting that this guy likes me. It is probably the biggest reason why she doesn't show any appreciation. We girls are very cautious of the problem - security. We do not want to lose a friend or make you lose affection towards us if we walk the first steps. So if you wanna catch her attention, show her that you can wait. And be there whenever she needs one. 7 months may be long for a guy, but for a girls, it isn't at all. Just wait, if you are sure that you love her, girls hardly recover entirely from a broken relationship. We want a secured relationship that the guy can protect us from harm.

    I guess she isn't really interested with those guys, I don't believe there's actually a girl that can just say bye to their last relationship without a little heart shrink. Just wait for her to mend her heart, she knows you are here and she is used to your presence. That is a good thing, keep it up!

    Well, in conclusion, my advise is that don't be miserable about her. Because if you know that you love her and you still will, then wait for her! She worth's your attention after all when she gets over her wounds and nothing is better than dating a person who knows you by heart already! That gives girls more guarantee and we're most likely to date those guys. However, if you are confusing all the time whether you can continue liking her, then I think you really have to move on, start to view her as a friend, or find another distractions. But be careful, if it has been 7 months and you still love her, that is not crush anymore, that is affection. Cling on it. or else you might not find such girl like her again. Do not regret. And Goodluck (;


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  • There are two questions here:

    1) What do you need to do to make her appreciate what you have?

    Nothing. If she doesn't appreciate it after seven months, you're wasting your time with her.

    2) What do you need to do to keep your self respect?

    Easy. Move on.

  • Stop being her option and get with someone who makes you her priority.

  • There's no way she can appreciate if she's really not that interested with you anymore.

    You should consider meeting another girl.