How can I keep my boyfriend interested?

Ive been dating him for just over a month, to start with he was very excited used to call and message me to say he missed me (at this time I lived 3 hours away and would visit on the weekend) I moved closer and it was good for a while but not he just puts no effort in, Sometimes its 2 days without a text. It drives me insane. I don't overly text 2 texts max a day if he dosnt reply and then I only text if he reply's.


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  • Well its a very common problem we men want things and when we get them we stop caring for them

    The best way to get his interest back is to make him crave u, if you guys are sexually active then a little seduction would work if not then a date is the solution to your problems. All he needs is to realize that you make him happy and once that is done he would start chasing you like he used too


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