Is it OK to know what I want and to keep looking until I find it?

Is it OK to know what I want and to keep looking until I find it? I am divorced and back on the dating scene. I'd really like to have what I had before, except with another man. In other words, I'd like to find a new Mr. Right and remarry. Recently I've been dating a guy who is great, except that he is, using his words, a "committed bachelor." He's willing to have a committed relationship, but does not want to marry anyone. We match in virtually every way except for our visions of "happily ever after." Right now I'm dating him, but not exclusively. by the way, we aren't sleeping together, so it is not like I'm a you know what. I could really fall for him if I let myself, but I don't want to be someone's girlfriend forever. What should I do? Thanks!


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  • You should always seek for your happiness.

  • The answer is of course yes. But obviously the more specific your requirements are, the more difficulty you're going to have in finding someone.

    I'm surprised you're so keen on marriage if you've only just got divorced.

    I personally don't see the advantage of marriage, though like your guy I'd want a serious lifelong relationship if I meet the right girl. The truth is fewer and fewer guys are interested in marriage these days.

    • Thanks. I've been divorced for years, but was married for many, many years more than I've been a single adult (either before, or after). I think marriage is wonderful with the right person. I know one can be a "mate" and build a life with someone without being married, but I have a child and don't want to co-habitate without a license. BTW, I don't mean marry in the near future, I just mean after a long, long period of dating.

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