Am I high maintainence or is he not interested?

Ive been dating this guy for about 2 months. My birthday is in a couple of days and I know this guy I'm dating isn't going to get me anything because he's never even asked when my actual birthday was. At first I though I was just overreacting by expecting a gift but I'm also having a get together at a bar this weekend and he's making excuses to not go. I made it very easy for him by making sure he wouldn't have to drink and drive, and I was going to pay for a hotel room. I even told him to invite a friend so he doesn't feel awkward around my friends. Nothing worked. He won't be there. The more I think about it this guy just doesn't seem interested. We had a good connection at first and we text each other all day. He told me he eventually wanted a relationship but my intuition is telling me something's not right.


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  • He's really not interested.


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  • Follow your intuition. Even if it's wrong you still win!

  • It sounds like both.


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