Girls would you consider buying and selling things online as a job

i don't really have a paycheck job at the moment but having some success buying and selling items online . not really sure how to explain whay I'm doing for money to people I meet and not sure if it be an issue for some girls if I was trying to date them . if they'd think it was a real job or not .

just sort of wondering what your thoughs were like would this be a deal breaker or would you be fine as long is the guy was trying to make some money somehow

  • It wouldn't make any difference if I liked you
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  • Not a real job not a guy I'd want to date
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  • He's making money so its all good
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  • I used to date a girl who bought and sold stuff online as her only job. Mostly clothes, electronics and some collectibles.

    I was pleasantly surprised when she sold off just about everything in an apartment I was trying to empty out for refurbishment... people even buy used kitchen sinks.


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  • As long as he's financialy stable then I wouldn't mind dating him.

  • Depends what your selling, something like school books, I'd consider a side job. If its a lot more , ya I wouldn't mind


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