Did she use me or is she interested?

so there s this girl I'm interested in. she sounds excited when we text. she tries to be cute, using exclamation marks a lot, saying super, yay, etc. she suggested we study together for an exam. she was flipping her hair, pointing her feet crossed towards me, smiled, eyes lit up, voice went higher sometimes, once did something to stick out her chest , kept good eye contact. but also texted on her phone like 6 times during hour study session. also whenever we set up a date she sounds excited but there's always a reason she cancel.s she's stressed (good reason), has to study for exams. I asked if she wanted to hang out after semester was over. I haven't got a response. before, she was answering within 2 minutes. so what do you think?

also whys it obvious she likes me


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  • Wth..she's interested obviously. Here's the thing did you let it be known you wanted to take her out on a date? Or, was it some random friend thing?. Do she knows you like her?..or is it ..u two flirt and body signs and stuff so you assume she should knows...u said she's under pressure that's a valid reasons.. At times us women tend to take on more than we can Handel..or problems in our life seems overwhelming.. It gets us down..we might like a guy..but problems in our life keeps us simple..maybe try going for a walk instead of a date..get to knows her issues let her vent a little ..be nice to her..she probably need it and u..she sounds very much interested..maybe she's confused about how you feel towards her. Make Ur intentions clearer...hope this help good luck

    • can you add me and chat about this? I guarantee I can help you with some stuff. I'm really good with getting in shape or increasing your confidence

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    • damn it how do I show I'm interested then?

    • By saying you are...one thing guys have to understand is communication is everything with women. And if you can communicate Ur feelings we develop a sense of security with you guys.. Like don't just communicate when we are arguing fighting etc... It's such a turn on to have a straight up honest man we trust you guys more.and respect you more

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  • shes probably interested, but does she know that YOU are interested... maybe she is thinking "i like this guy, flirt, study, text, and he hasn't made any moves." she possibly stressed... you can't get mad at her for cancelling hangouts, things come up. do you still see her or talk to her. ask her if she wants to hang out again..

    • she won't hang around with me during the summer because she has a boyfriend and he wouldn't like it. does this mean I never had a shot at her or she was interested in me but she s unfortunately withsomeone else ?

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    • also she sounds happy I said her bf's a lucky guy that means she values my opinion? or is she being polite. oh also is it weird or would she be flattered if I ask her for fashion tips? although I know I already dress pretty well

    • if that is something you both have in common,.. and its an easy way to keep in touch then asking for fashion advice is okay... I think, after everything you said about her, she values your opinions.

  • Hate to say it but it kinda sounds like she is using you for a number of reasons

    1. if a girl is texting A LOT it probably means that she isn't that intrested

    2. having to cancell a few dates is normal but if its consistint then somethings up

    3. the whole thing with after the semester

    allso you hav to ask yourself if your especially smart or something or if there was a reason that she would want to study with you.

    also you hav to ask if she's out oof your league

    good luck!

    btw can you look at some of my questions?


    • well I usually ahve to text first but she's always happy to respond. we've never had a date yet because she canceled like 5 times but she was really excited and had good reasons. she's under lots of pressure right now.

      i feel like she might have used me to study but in the past she always avoided using me for school stuff even when I offered to help because she was sick or busy.

      personally I think I'm more attractive than her. I m really good looking

      does this change your opinon at all hopefuly?

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  • I say give it time. Something like this should have been said in person, not through text. I hate texting sometimes really. I think using you may have been too strong at this point, but more of seeing you just as a friend or a study partner, at least for now. You should say you want to take her out the next time you see her. By the way, if she's good looking, higher chances she's just using you.

  • It seems that she just want to get to know you better, or she's just not that used to dating guys. Give it time.