Is he even interested or just mildly interested and tagging along cause he's bored?


So I've been seeing this guy once a week for almost 2 months. He initiated the first 4 dates and I initiated date 5,6 and 7 so far. Initiating texts between dates is at 50:50...however, because he is no longer initiating any dates I am getting the impression that he is not really into me :/ I also don't wanna keep initiating dates because I don't wanna seem needy and because I thought guys liked the chase!

When we do go on dates we have a fabulous time (i.e., he kisses me and holds me etc.). We have not had sex yet. We are both in our mid 20s.

Is he into me?


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  • He sounds interested. Only time will tell, be patient and you will find out.

  • It seems that he's just tagging along. You should consider opening up your options.


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