Are there any mixed guys who like/date black girls?

I know race shouldn't matter. I like all guys, but I really like mixed guys. I was just wondering if any like black girl. It seems like most of them like white, asian, Hispanic and other mixed girls. I don't know or have seem many dating black girls/women. I only know 2, my grandpa and this guy I went to school. But the guy I went to school with, only messes around black girls. He said wouldn't want to marry or have children with one. This is just stuff I noticed around my town, other places, media, etc


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  • Not sure if I qualify. I'm 3/4 Indian. But you don't have us listed, so...awkward moment

    • Sorry, you qualify lol. Indian is still asian. I was just talking about what kind of girls I see mixed guys go far, when I was listing races.

    • haha I'm just kidding.

      I'm only into specific types of black girls, yeah. They are usually calm, well-spoken, and highly educated. And they have very nice facial features aka hot/cute.

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  • I'm mixed. Half of me is white and the other half is whiter, and I LOVE black women. In fact, I'm married to one.

  • I'm sure there are a few. But it seems like your going for guys who are not naturally attracted to you in the first place. Its not racism or looking down at black women, but its called preference. We all want to be with a certain person in life, and sometimes we set unrealistic goals for ourselves.

    "You can't feed a lion vegetables if its natural diet is meat"

    • It's not like that. I like all guys. I don't talk to any guys who don't show a bit of interest in me. I've had black, white, Hispanic, asian, and middle eastern guys show interest in me, but not mixed guys. I'm not trying to make it seem like "Oh I just want something I can't have." It's just that there have been mixed guys that I have liked. I've had a couple that have tried to talk to me, but not for the right reason. Just to only hook up.

    • That doesn't make any sense at all. Black people are an integral part of America's development since birth. Throughout the American history from fighting redcoats, through world wars, and civil war, black people and while people have shared an interesting bond.

      I wouldn't be surprised at all if they found each other attractive.

  • lol I like all women so yeah...

  • I'm a mixed guy, have black, white and Vietnamese.

    I prefer Black girls from England or France more than those from US but still prefer White girls more.

    • Why do you prefer black girls England or France. Is it because of the stereotypes that are associated with us? Or is it something else?

    • I have dated a few black girls from US and somehow find that they all seem to have a chip on their shoulder and somehow they seem to believe they are entitled to everything handed to them. I came from a poor background and I tend to believe you get where you are through your own hard work.

      Another reason why I prefer Black girls from England or France is somehow they tend to be better cultured and have far better manners.

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