Ended Friendship via text...

A months ago,my friend lost a very sentimental piece of jewelry that he pawned to cover bills and other expenses. I told me awhile back that he would get his ring back. He apparently was stressing over this ring. Expressing how important it was to him. A couple weeks prior to the maturity date of his ring. I ran into some finance issues that prevented me from helping him or getting his ring out of the pawn. I explained to hm that he would need to renew the loan until he was able to pay the loan in full ($950). Let's backtrack, we agreed that once his ring was out we would see more of each other...which would've been more than 4x a year. He was willing to go out more often. A few days passed the maturity date in which his ring was lost. He sent multiple messages via text. Stating that since my promise to get his ring out of the pawn shop, we could no longer be friends. I explained to him my finance dilemma, and it seemed that was no concern of his. He told me that he wanted me,and that would never forget me. Our friendship ended suddenly, I've asked him a few times if we could meet in person and close our friendship on a good note and say good byes in a proper manner. He declined both request. I'm confused, I understand a promise was broken...many promises of his were broken which I overlooked. Jewelry is replaceable in my opinion whether its sentimental. friends do mess up and do not intentionally mean to hurt one another. Is he being selfish in deciding that our friendship end suddenly after 3 years. I have to admit I've attempted to get our friendship back by apologizing many times,and asking for forgiveness. No response from him. He does get my messages. I have to admit that I made the decsion not to provide $950 cause I was concerned that were not going to see each other more often and that he would pay me back the money used. Please help... I need to let him go or should try it again with him cause a part of me misses him so much... I'm willing to he and I a try but he won't reply. Help


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  • "we agreed that once his ring was out we would see more of each other" -He was only willing to see you if you paid off this ring. That you agreed on. He's not your friend. He's your prostitute. He will only sleep with you for that money and you would be lucky if he even did then...

    Dont pay for that ring even if there is a way to save it. Move on find someone who will appreciate you. He's trash.

  • hes a douche,he pawned it not u,u have your own bills and to end a friendship over money shows he may have ripped you off if you had of paid to get it out,u didn't lose much but he did..and I don't mean just the ring

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