Girl at work with boyfriend like me?

This girl that I like at work, always calls me and texts me. she has a boyfriend though

Yesterday I texted her a picture of my smiling with sunnglasses on.

she texted back, "who that handsome man, there?"

I texted, "where?!?! *looks around*

Then she said, "Lol you know who is?"

Then two seconds later she texted, "Awe, I really need to stop flirting with you. lol"

"But Its true I am a handsome man", I respond back

Then there was an awkward text silence so I say, "And you are a very pretty lady *As I say innocently and platonic-ally*"

She was flattered.

So...what do you think? You think she likes me or just being flirty?

And did I say the right thing?

I would only steal a girl away if the guy stole her away from me first


Most Helpful Girl

  • sounds like she is play flirting (not serious) but if I were her boyfriend I'd be pissed.

    • I totally would too. I'm older now so I think in other peoples shoes

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What Girls Said 2

  • I think you should stay out of this ...don't make moves on the co worker

    • I made that mistake years ago with an engaged girl years ago. I was a virgin so I was more innocent an naive, so I freaked her out when she changed her mind later.

  • She's just flirting


What Guys Said 2

  • bothhh. she's a hoe. if she talks to you like that and she a boyfriend GET IT. ill be disappointed if you dont.

    • You only get hurt if you allow yourself to develop feelings for them

  • She's just being flirty.