I'm very terrified right now and I need help

Online dating.. what could go wrong? Yes, I do date girls online because I have very low experience in real life itself. I want to meet somebody and get married. I'm pretty sure many people do.

So what's the disaster? I added a girl on Skype through a website called OmgPop. It's an awesome place for gaming and chatting.

So I dated her for.. a week? I guess that would be correct, before all of a sudden, she stopped coming online. That's fine, maybe she was busy, but no. One day, I get a message sent from her father, who apparently has read some of my Skype conversations with her.

That message was sent through Skype.

He told me "You are a sick man. You are talking to my 13 year old daughter. This is her father writing this. I've contacted the FBI and I hope you rot in jail"

Okay okay, the first thing that came to my mind is "She is 13!? That is NOT what she told me!"

Secondly, the moment I found out, I broke up with her. I don't want to date a kid. I'm exactly 10 years older than her. The photo she sent me of her was a fake photo of a model. She did make it look pretty realistic, though. She said "Sorry I look ugly in this photo"

My mind is so clouded right now because I am terrified. I couldn't sleep that night. First of all, why did she lie about her age knowing mine? Does she REALLY want to date a guy 10 years older than her? Is she crazy?

Secondly, what will happen to me right now? I'm scared out of my mind. Is an army going to come to my house and kill me just because I dated some girl who claimed to be my age?

Is this how the law works? Any random kid can lure someone into a trap and that's it? They are goners? It seems unfair to me.


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  • The "dad" may not be her dad. It may be her. Nothing will happen to you. Did you transmit naked pictures of yourself? Skype is video, is it not? Were you jerking off on Skype?

    What is illegal is contacting someone you believe to be a minor for sex. What is illegal is asking that minor for naked pictures of herself. Since you claim she sent you only pictures of a model and not herself - you aren't breaking the law.

    Some kids are f***ed up.

    Again, you had no reason to believe you were contacting and chatting with an underage girl. You did not solicit sex from her, and you did not exchange nude pics with her. You have nothing to be worried about.

    The girl is either f***ing with you or the dad is talking out his ass.

    Next time, start meeting girls in the real world.

    • I don't have a webcam or a microphone and neither does she. At least, I think she doesn't.

      Skype can be used plainly for texting.

      So, do you think her dad was lying?

      Meeting girls in my area is rather difficult since most of them over here are either unattractive or are just plain gangster.

      Lastly, me and her did talk about sexual things when we flirted.

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    • I think Skype saves all the chats. The picture she sent was a link so I'm not sure.

      So her dad only said it to scare me and he did not do it for real?

    • That'd be my bet. First off, he'd be told to go to a local PD, not the FBI. The FBI has bigger fish to fry. They have no evidence of you doing anything wrong. You didn't 'knowingly' converse with a minor. I am not a lawyer, so this isn't legal advice...but I think you would have to know (or believe) that she was a minor for you to have committed a crime.

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  • ok firstly, you aren't really dating if you never met her in real life. Secondly, if she lied about her age, and what she looked like on a dating site, she would be in more trouble than you would be in. The dad probably doesn't know all the facts, because the girl probably got caught and lied to him in order to cover her own ass. No one is going to come kill you lol.

  • You never really know what's true or false. It might be that she really is the model and she's lying about her father talking to you.