So, is there any chance left?

So, for the ones who haven't read my further questions, here's the short version:

I met this guy, we didn't kiss, but he kissed me on my forehead and we texted for 3 months, every day and night! But nothing "really" happened.

So, I still see him once a week and when we meet he's really nice and sweet, but he stopped texting me like 3 weeks ago and I can't figure out why... I mean, I got a "good night message" every day for 3 months, why should he suddenly stop?

I don't know, but do you think there is any chance left?


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  • Maybe he wasn't sure if you liked him or not, so he didn't want to ask you out, but it's been so long that he got tired. Try initiating contact again and make it really obvious that you're interested in him. You could even try asking him out. It would be better than not knowing and just end up with nothing happening.

  • It seems that he's not interested, or he just feel uneasy because it's already a long time and he still haven't moved things forward.


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