Casual dating, serious dating, exclusive, bf/gf...

how are the above different?


casual - still see other people

serious - don't know

exclusive - committed, may get married

bf/gf - possible to get marry

i am not all that sure..


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  • I think some of your terms are pretty much the same.

    Casual - see other people

    Serious dating - I guess it would be when two people have been dating a while, and they're not officially in a relationship, but they basically are

    I think exclusive and boyfriend/girlfriend are pretty much the same thing. I wouldn't bring marriage into it until someone proposes because you can be in a relationship and have no intention of getting married, but they are committed to each other.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Casual - Options are still open

    Serious - Try to look forward with her for a long term commitment

    Exclusive - Has possibility of getting together

    GF - possibility to get married,


What Girls Said 1

  • Casually dating - no commitment. Allowed to see other people.

    Exclusive - not allowed to see other people, but still a pretty casual relationship. It's very "right now" and not about the future at all. But there's potential for that so you go exclusive to see if it'll grow into that or not. I know to a lot of people there's no difference between being exclusive and being boyfriend/girlfriend but to me there is

    Bf/gf - relationship is no longer casual. There are various degrees of seriousness, but in general at this point you are integrating the person into your life more instead of just seeing them in your spare time.

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