She showed so much interest, yet she doesn't text back?

There is this girl in my class that tries to get my attention all the time. I catch her looking at me and stuff like that. Sometimes we look in each others eyes for more than like 3 seconds. Talked to her a few times and she seemed really nervous. The sings are obvious that she likes me. Or at least I thought so.

I got her number the other day, texted her for a few and then she stopped texting me. Texted her yesterday asking her if she's free this weekend and if she wanted to hang out and she also never texted back. I know she got the message because my phone says she opened it.

I don't get it, why is she acting like she's interested in me yet she isn't?


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  • Maybe she's on pay-as-you-go and she ran out of credit?

    Confront her in person. Better than wasting your time.

    Suggestion: "hey you, since when did you develop a phobia of texting back?"

    • Not a bad idea, I think ill try this when I see her. It would definitely put me at peace.

    • Never ask out over text dude

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  • Well maybe she is just REALLY nervous! It can be a lot of pressure talking to someone who makes you flustered.


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  • It seems she's still not ready to go out with you. Try spending more time with her in person and try to open herself up to you.

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