Its slowly slipping do I get it back?

I'm talking / dating this girl, but recently, since our second date a week ago, our communication is slowly slipping through text messages, and when I ask her if I can call, she says yes, then when I call she didn't answer. She still starts text messaging convos here and there.

We can't have a third date for another month because she'll be out of town one week and has to work the other 2 weekends. How do I re-initiate communication?

PS: We met online and she's still on her profile, so she still might be dating other guys.


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  • I would not text her back,sounds like she is keeping her options open,don't be an option for her


What Guys Said 1

  • You shouldn't get back with her anymore. It seems she doesn't want to get together with you for the long term.

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