What exactly do I do not sure how he feels?

I've hung out with this guy I like. Once we drank and kissed/made out and I don't have a lot of experience with guys so he said I was bad but I agreed and we all laughed and then ended up sleeping together on the couch. He also kissed me in the morning before he left. Then recently I saw him again and I hung out with his friends but I'm kind of awkward with other people and I just didn't know what to say/do so I feel like it didn't go well but he still kissed me before I left for a long while, it was a long closed mouth kiss and we kind of laughed about it since I wasn' drunk again and I wasn't bad. But I felt kind of bad because we don't do much and I was being kind of lame and I know he thinks I am but he's still talking to me so I guess that's good? We have other plans too for some one on one time for once so ill see how that goes but I'm just weird around new people. What exactly do you talk about is a big thing with me? Or what can I do to have more fun not being so lame?

I've asked him kind of about it but I don't know hat to do


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  • stop saying you're lame, and you're bad at kissing, and you're awkward and sh*t like that.

    Maybe you're a bit shy so you haven't developped a lot social skills but don't worry about it. He likes you. Keep that in mind.

    You have all the reasons to be comfortable. If you focus on "how lame" you think you are, you will program yourself to be lame indeed...

    relax. You're cool enough to have triggered his interest for you... :)

    Talk about anything. SHARE things. share experiences, share feelings about a thing you have in common. sh*t like that. Joke and laugh toegether.

    • I didn't say I was lame, he did too though is what bothers me and I am bad at kissing because this was only my second time! I just feel like if I don't say anything, he won't either but when its awkward I just say stupid things, I think he thinks its funny but I just feel like he doesn't, Idk!

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  • As you spend more time around him you'll get more relaxed. Just calm down, hances are he'll find your timidness cute and innocent. He's already showing plenty of interest to you, with sober kisses being a big one.

    As I said, just calm down and relax. Over time, things get easier. As a last resort if you run out of things to talk about I guess you could always just kiss him.

    • I'd like to just kiss him but we also hardly see each other so I wish I could just make the most of the time we do spend together, but I also can't tell how serious he is :/

    • Heres a good pickup line:

      "Oh I heard this really sucessful pickup line the other day"

      "Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you three quick questions?"

      "Do you think I'm attractive?" (VERY quick responce to this, then move on)

      "Do you have a girlfriend?"

      "Okay then, what's your excuse not to kiss me then?"

      Give it 3-4 seconds then lean in for the kiss.

    • haha maybe I'd try that if I had any balls! I'm sure I'll open up more the more I get to know him and spend time with him but I just hope it's not just a waste of time if he doesn't want anything serious

  • It's clear that he really likes you a lot.

    Try working on your social skills next time. Move out of your comfort zone, and start interacting with people.

    • Would one on one time with him help?

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  • Just continue to get to know him! Ask him about his interests, who he is, where he is going. Just go where the conversation naturally leads. Being lame is probably not how you are- it's how you feel. Obviously he still likes you! Just calm down, don't stress about it before hand.

    I know this is corny but when I am nervous about a guy, on my way to hang out I'll practice what I might say, or talk about in the car. It sounds incredibly stupid, but I've been complimented on my so called "confidence" even though I get nervous. So since it works for me, perhaps it'll work for you too:)

    allwomenstalk.com has some good articles about this sort of stuff if you've got time to kill. Good luck :)

    • haha I wish I could think of stuff to say! It's usually so easy with my friends because we know everything about each other and can just talk about anything but I'm not even sure where to start with him :/ I just hope he doesn't want a fling/not serious hang out type thing...