Got a girls number a slightly embarassing way, met her, called her later, no reply yet. Been about 2 days.

Here is my situation: my mom was in a makeup store talking about me and my siblings to the owner whom she has known for a long time. One of the girls who works there overhears her talking about me (6'4", not a "bad boy", decent looking, single, etc.) and says "You should tell him to call me" and gives my mom her number to give to me. I stop by the next day to say hello, introduce myself, and see if there is something that maybe my mom would like for Mothers Day since it was right around the corner. I was not in there for more than 10 minutes.

That same night I give her a call to see if she would like to do something later next week (post-Mothers Day week) but she doesn't answer. I leave a message letting her know that I would be interested in taking her out and ask her to call me back. For the sake of honesty, it wasn't the smoothest voice message ever but it got the point across.

I left the message on Thursday night, it is now Saturday night so it has been 2 days since I left the message. No response yet. I figure that tells me all I need to know but, being a guy, I want to be sure. So my question for anyone out there willing to answer is...what is my next step? Call again? Text? Ask to be Facebook friends?

Thanks in advance for any advice y'all give. I'd really appreciate it.


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  • I think you should go back to the store to see her and ask her out in person. A lot of people are busy and don't use their phones every day so maybe she's had a lot going on. She gave YOU her number so I don't see why she would be ignoring you. Try to go visit her again and see what's up. Good luck:)


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  • Try to visit her instead.

    It must be that she's busy and she doesn't have any credits left to reply.