First date ever and I don't know what to do

im about to go on my first ever real date in a few days and I don't know what do and anyone help me with some ideas and what I should and shouldn't do


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  • DO NOT:

    grope her

    talk about marriage or kids

    talk about religion or politics

    compliment her more than 3 times

    compliment her more than once within the span of 30 minutes

    talk about sex

    treat her like a woman more than like a person

    try to act like The Perfect Guy if you aren't The Perfect Guy (e.g. acting princely or trying too hard)


    Ask her questions about her interests, hobbies, work, etc.

    Follow up her answers by talking about yourself on the same subject (though she'll probably ask you anyway)

    Offer to pay; if she says she'll pay, ask if she's sure and offer once more; if she still says she'll pay, let her pay

    Be yourself

    Be honest if you aren't feeling any chemistry or you don't like her by becoming a bit withdrawn and at the end of the night, saying you're glad you two met but your gut or heart or whatever is telling you you two aren't "it" (never say "You;" it may make her feel hurt or unconfident in herself)--because women can think a date went well if the guy seemed interested, when really he was just being polite and kind)


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  • lol so many dos and donts, be really, just be kind and genuine. women can smell bullsh*t from a mile away. oh, and try to be chivalrous, it makes us feel special. Don't get desperate. So many inexperienced guys to this. That whole "I really really like you" and go on feeling like she's perfect and spilling your darkest secrets onto her burden.

    Lastly, I highly suggest you pick a restaurant, or place etc. Don't pick make her pick, and know the directions. I really don't suggest movies for the first date, not enough communication.

  • Don't be rude, too serious, negative, and don't move too fast. The point of the first date is to get to know each other and find out if you're compatible. Sort of like a fun interview.

    DO remember your manners like opening the door. DO have a sense of humor, telling a joke or a funny memory lightens up the mood. DO have fun as if you're with your best friend. DO suggest a second date (if you like her) in a subtle manner like "This movie is coming out next week, are you planning to see it?" DO dress well, look clean, smell good.

    Bottom line: Keep it light and fun. She's probably just as nervous (I know I was!).

    Good luck and tell me how it goes!

  • Just be yourself! Sounds corny but it works. Otherwise she may think you are false. Keep it light and funny. Don't bombard her with questions. It's OK to ask her about herself of course just don't delve to deep or serious. Just remember be yourself! Keep it light and funny and I don't see how you can go wrong!

  • keep the conversations light and easy. don't bring up any arguments

  • The DONT'S . Don't ask her too many serious questions

    . Don't try to be someone your not

    . Don't give her clich├ęd comments i.e. you look NICE (nice is boring) say you look really pretty, I guarantee she would love it if she heard you say that!

    The DO'S .Do pay her compliments

    . Do be yourself

    . Do have fun

    AND don't get too worked up or nervous



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  • Just be yourself and don't ask too many questions.