Guys: Would you makeout with a girl after a date if she is getting over a cold (if you weren't that into her)?

Hey guys!

Lets say you went on a date with a girl...and the date was decent. Would you initiate a makeout with the girl in her drive way if she was getting over a cold IF the date was decent (i.e., you weren't feeling sparks)? Also: would you initiate a makeout with a girl getting over a cold if the date was fantastic?


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  • Of course. As long as the date is very fantastic to me, I would make out with the girl.

    • So you WOULD makeout with the sick girl after a decent date where you didn't feel sparks? OR ONLY if you had a fantastic date where you felt sparks?

    • I would kiss her even before the date.

      I have a date with her because I see that she's really a very fantastic woman.

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