Getting that fire back to start dating again. Need advice!

Hello all, thank you for your time and responses.

Has anyone ever been through one of the stagnant, apathetic droughts of 'love-less' emotions?

To elaborate, I got kind of screwed over by this girl that I really cared about 5 months ago. Shortly after, I was offered an internship with a company that I've been wanting to work for for a long time...So at least I had something to concentrate on for my career.

Since then, I suppose I have had moments to meet other people, but I just don't have the excitement in me for it. There's no drive. I keep thinking that even if I was to date, I can't pay too much for dates because interns are unpaid. So I need to work to get hired first...the other side of the coin on that is that I can't wait for everything to be 'perfect' to go out to dinner either. So you can imagine my struggle.

After that girl that I liked did me wrong, I kind of 'checked out' of the flirting and dating game out of no inclination in a sense...can anyone relate? Thank you.


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  • I can completely relate. Girl I really cared for, it ended horribly (I blame her half, half blame my naivety) and just lost the drive to date shortly after. Last date I've been on was a year and a half ago. I've gotten to the point where I am about as enthusiastic about getting a date as a root canal. I still meet girls I like, but I don't go looking. Like, this spring semester, I met two girls I liked in classes, and asked one out. (she had a boyfriend.)

    When it's not someone I've gotten to know in my normal course? Bleh. I randomly got a call from some pretty girl I met at church two years ago, and after the mild flattery of getting called wore off in five minutes, I wished it had been a job offer, and then regretted giving her my phone number when she asked at the end of the conversation. (I didn't even ask for hers, haha.)

    So, how do you beat it?

    No frickin clue. I really do not care these days to try to date. I actually considered trying to get back in touch with that girl from 1.5 years ago, but then thought "what if she actually acts friendly? Ehh..."


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  • Honestly it sounds like you need to settle into you new phase in life (internship) first, you have a new job to settle into and prove yourself first.

    Perhaps look around the site to get a feel for what's out there then in a month or so jump on and getting dating. Too many new things happening at the same time might cause you to drop the ball on one and you don't want it to be your job. Girls like lots of attention in the early days :)


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  • If you can't pay well yet, just have some casual hang out with girls. Just go out and have some coffee. That will help a lot in your dating life.