Girls: would you text the guy you like often, or only when you had something to say?

So there's thing girl I like, I text her some but not much maybe once every week or two. I like her, but I'm somewhat shy for texting I can't always think of what to say. I always want to text her and she's finally started to open up, so naturally I've been texting her a little more (little). The only time she texts me first is if she has something to say, a specific question or an actual line to start with if you can understand that. She never texts with just a "hey" or "what's up" she is somewhat shy, more reserved if anything.

My question is: if you liked a guy but were shy about it (like the girl I like, assuming that she likes me) would you text him often? Does I mean anything that we aren't "talking" or that we don't text all the time? Is it really up to me to make that move?

The way I see it is that she may be like me and can't always think of what to say, so that's why she only texts me when she has an opening line. I mean in school we talk a good amount, this is just outside of school.


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  • I don't feel dating should be measured in texts. It is the quality of your conversations, not the quantity that matters (unless it's non-existant!) If you guys talk in school a good amount, I wouldn't stress about the texting all that much. The reason she starts out with an opening line or question is because she thinks it will seem more natural if she actually has something to say rather than just a hey. Very often girls fear that they are bugging the guy or that he won't want to talk to her so they refrain from texting a lot. Unfortunately, until you guys have spent a considerable time hanging out or dating, she will more likely let you set the pace on the texting. Everyone is different though.

    So yes, it is up to you to make that move at the moment. The good news is, she will more than likely love hearing from you.

    We all have those "What the heck do I say?!" moments, so don't feel bad. When I get in that jam, I play 20 questions with a guy. It's fun, and it gives you more to talk about.


    Me: So what is your ideal car?

    them: A porche 911 in canary yellow

    me: oh that is a beautiful car! Do you know much about cars?

    Them: Yeah my dad owns a garage. blah blah blah

    etc etc etc

    So you see how that can give you more options. Heck you could even look up ideas of what to talk about online.

    Good luck!

  • Please text her! Coming from a shy girl, I would never text him unless I want something. Or if he needed something from me earlier and I want to get clarification. We'll never say just hey or what's up unless you text us first. It's easier for us to start texting guys we only see as friends.


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