Dating 2 months...exclusive, but no title. wtf?!

So I met a wonderful guy off of an online dating site. He treats me like a princess. He pretty much after the 3rd date said he wanted to be exclusive and wasn't interested in dating anyone else. I thought that was a bit soon, but I was smitten and went along.

About one month in I asked him what exactly "exclusive" meant. If we are bf/gf? He said that we are "seeing each other", but it's not officially labeled or anything. He said we still have to meet each others' friends and what not. I guess have the relationship develop a little more. I just met his friends this weekend, but he only introduced me by name. We are having sex. Started about one month in. I know am not as experienced as he had hoped (he kind of told me I need to loosen up), but I told him it takes me time to get comfortable with a new guy. I'm not mad at him though because I know it's true. Is the label a big deal for guys or is he playing me for a fool. If he doesn't do it by the 3 month mark, I think I'm going to leave. Am I being too impatient?
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Oh and he's introduced me to his parents...but then again he lives with them.
Dating 2 months...exclusive, but no title. wtf?!
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