Is he serious? Taking it slow or just not interested?

I have been dating this guy for a month. Went out a few dates, he seems very interested. All the dates progressed properly. From showing interest, to holding hands, to first kiss. Last date he told me he is not interested in talking to other women and we became intimate. He did text me to see how I was doing. Also make sure I am free the next week to see me.

All the signs showed he is into me. But the following makes me doubt:

1. not a lot of contact between dates. No text or phone calls...

I know he is busy, but I wonder if some guys are just not the type to do small chat like hey how was your day? ...

Then I also read that, when a guy is really interested. All he wanted to do is spend time with you, talk to you, hear your voice...

Or are those for like younger guys who is not experience with dating?


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  • It seems that he's just not the expressive guy. It's clear that he's really into you. Don' try to over think things.


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  • he may have many women or a steady gf,nobody is ever that busy it they are interested

    • he work wkends mostly f. s. and sun. out of the country and have no contact. it is a fact due to his job. other times I am at work during the week. we do manage to see ea. other once/twice weekly. however, it hasn't been a month yet concern is the no contact via..little chats/text/phone call.

      it is there but not daily and he does make advance plans.

      Also he has started a new business a yr. ago and he does take time to meet and date me. he moved here 7 months ago. and have only met me.

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    • i actually don't know...i want to give it the benefit of the that I am reading more from the web about all these cheating gets me even more worry...what were some actions you noticed?

    • distant,less communication, less intimacy more finding faults in me that didn't bother him before,always texting,phone on him or locked

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