Guy randomly loses interest or am I overreacting?

To make a story short, met a guy last weekend had an amazing time, in fact as cheesy as it sounds and cliche we had such a crazy connection that I've felt like we've known each other for years, even my friend who witnessed it mentioned that before I did, she said she felt like she was hanging out with her friend and her boyfriend of 5 years. We spent 15 hours together, laughing, dancing, getting to know each other, went out to dinner, he texted me that same night and texted me the next day all day nonstop flirting, asking me if he can cook me dinner one night, asked me to come to the gym with him, basically everything was going amazing...2 days later he messaged me asking me if I had a stalker because someone messaged him asking him how I'm doing and basically threatening to come find him...i do not have any stalkers and if I did this would of happened to me in the past, and I explained that to him, he seemed to agree and believe me so we were laughing about it all day but then he went completely today I finally gave in and texted him...he was more short than usual, I have mentioned to him about finals tomorrow and how I'm planning to walk to the bar after to take a shot he said take one for me! So being cute I said come with, Monday funday and to that he said lmaoooo...what in the world?!?! Is he really not interested anymore because someone messaged him? I mean I must be cursed! What could it be, or am I over reacting


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  • 1) He's not the only suave guy who you will connect with in the whole world, though it may feel that way if you've been in the same town for years like myself

    2) He went from hot to cold, something happened and we don't know what. But we do know that you really enjoyed his company and he was a cool individual, he was warm to texting after his alleged "Facebook threat" from your hypothetical stalker.

    3) You're still socializing and keeping your life well rounded ("Finals tomorrow" = future/independence/etc).. So while we all want to meet our prince/princess, it sounds to me like you are leading a rather successful life and shouldn't get hell bent about a bump in the road. I don't know on that last sentence but for me, when I over think I tend to doubt myself which has a direct reaction in my life, which is why I vote not to think as much because it sucks.

    With finals and the absurd hot/cold treatment, I vote to give it a day or two to let him get comfortable (Basically, just wait).. If he doesn't respond in 2-3 days I'd chalk it up as a friendship and keep him in mind for the next time you go dancing.


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  • tell him about this stalker. If I was threatened by another guy I assume the worst that he is a boyfriend. That should clear things up. answer mine please

  • He's really interested. You're quite overreacting.

    • Then how come I haven't heard from him since Thursday, besides me sending him a text yesterday...and his response to coming to take a shot for Monday funday was lmaooooo

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  • he is messing with your head,he probably never got a text just put it out there to see if you have a boyfriend or ex in the pic,he may have a girlfriend himself

  • Wow. That's pretty crazy. First you need to figure out if maybe you DO have a stalker.

    Unless this guy is having mad regrets about spending all this time with you (which doesn't sound like it given everything you said) this is a weird reaction. Unless he's actually afraid to approach you because this person promised to kick his ass.

    As for his odd text reply, maybe he doesn't get "Monday funday" or, he's trying to be evasive because he's actually afraid, as I said above.

    Basically, you need to get to the bottom of this ridiculous stalker thing first, then worry about him, if he's not crazy, he'll come around.

    • I don't think a suave guy like the one in question would have cold feet over a man-hood sh*t test via Facebook. Then again I live in a suburb where fights are frequent and it's usually in the form of words rather than fists. The few who do fight are fighting for their families, e.g. a wife or child.. etc Just my $0.02

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    • One of my friends said the same thing she was like maybe he thought he was "sweating you too much" since he texted you same night he met you and the very next day and so on...but I don't know :( I am so confused, maybe I'm over reacting

    • Hey, I mean I suggested the same thing. It's possible that he all of a sudden surfaced from all this good times you were having and realized he was moving way faster than he usually does/wants to and decided to cool it so you wouldn't think he was coming on too strong. Hard to deal when something fun is taken away from you, but just wait until after finals, see what he does.

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