Do the scales turn and favor men in late 20s/early 30s for dating after favoring girls in teens and 20s?

It seems that attractive girls have most of the power in dating in the teens and early 20s, but once people get in late 20s or so it seems to swing back over to men. A single man without kids is a lot more rare and valuable compared to women, and in all honesty women seem to age much worse compared to men. Also, you have a LOT of women in their early to mid 20s who like dating men in late 20s and early 30s, while the opposite is not usually true.

Is this one of those things where it doesn't seem "fair" to guys when they are young, but then it isn't really fair to women who are trying to date in late 20s and up? Anyone else notice this or think this way?


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  • Yeah, I've noticed that, lol.

    But it's not really about the man's age IMO but about the woman's age. I'm only 21, but even I've noticed that women in their late twenties and their thirties are often friendlier, less arrogant and so on. I've slept with many of them lol.

    As you imply, the change is all due to Darwinian/reproductive reasons.

    • So you have noticed it too? It seems easier for men to date and they have odds on their side when they are older vs when they are younger.

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  • Not true. I know a lot of guys who are in their early 20's and have girls flocking to them. I know guys who are past their late-20's who are just weird and can't get girls to save their life. Likewise, I know girls who are teenage / early 20's age who seem to not attract a lot of attention. Whereas there are women I know in their late 20's and above who are just gorgeous, even more so now then in their early 20's, and have men flocking to them. Your stereotypes I don't think are true, even if you are looking at a big demographic.

    • I have seen all of those examples, too, but I am talking about what is most common and likely. Many, many girls settle down and get married or have kids by the time they are late 20s. Many women (especially white girls) really start to lose their looks by the time they hit late 20s and age horribly, but of course not all do. I know guys of all ages who are weird and can't get girls, as we all do. Ha, ha. This is what I have noticed in general that applies the majority of the time.

    • Most common and likely is not just what you percieve. You're viewing the world through a biased lens, so you're not going to be able to make a true and accurate statement without actual demographics. Stereotypes suck. That's my biased lens, so I think you're question is whack.

    • This isn't just me who views this way, but pretty much all of my female friends, too. Everyone views the world through a biased lens, including people who claim others are biased and even those who do studies and look at demographics. So you are against all stereotypes? You never make any comments about what "guys" normally do?

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  • Yeah it supposidly does but why would you want to settle being the hot commodity with someone who wouldn't settle 5 years earlier?

    • What do you mean? Girls seem to want to settle down earlier, too. So that makes more sense for a younger girl and an older guy settling down together.

    • im saying If you date girl after girl after girl and none want to settle because they want to have their fun, why accommodate them in their 30s when looks are fading? This same woman wouldn't even consider you a few years earlier. So why consider anything serious with them? Wait till you're 40 IMO if you haven't found someone by 30.

    • Oh, I see what you mean now. Yeah, women who don't settle down have a way harder time than men who don't settle down in finding an attractive person to end up with.

  • its commonly argued like that, but not sure if that is the case all the time

    • Yeah, I hear this all of the time, including from females

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    • don't know they were anonymous

    • The one female who disagreed with me on here was not anonymous

  • That's true in a sense, because men in their late 20's are very financially stable thus girls who want to be secure in their future go to them.

    • That is true. Women want money while men want looks.

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