After hitting it off with a stranger, how long do you wait to make contact? or how long before they should?

When you meet a potential mate or date that is a stranger out somewhere and you trade info, say add each other on a social network,

How long after a great first night do you wait to message that person?

How long do you want them to wait before messaging you?

How far down the line do you ask for a date or set up the next meet up?

say your first experience was really fun and easy, and you each touched each other randomly with out really thinking about it (comfort level) and at the end you gave each other a long close hug..


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  • If things go well, make the next date on the spot. If they make excuses, that's the same as saying they aren't interested in a second meeting, unless they have clear reasons for being unavailable.

    Words are not as important as deeds, so don't inundate them with texts or messages, and you don't have to send any for the first couple of days; you should have already set a tentative date for a meeting anyway!

  • For me, it would be about 12 hours from the meeting.

    About waiting for them to respond, it would be 3 days for me.

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