Exclusive, but Won't Incorporate Me Into His Life

I am dating two guys and could fall in love with either, but neither seem to want to incorporate me into their lives even though both say they want to be exclusive. The first guy I've been seeing on and off for about a year. He is long distance (5 hours away in a different state) and neither he nor his relatives or friends are local to me. The closest person he could introduce me to is his sister who lives about 2 hours from me. His children are adults who he says have told him they don't want anything to do with any women he dates since divorcing his mother years ago. The second guy is local and I've been dating him for about 3 months. His only local relative is his young son. Local guy's other relatives live in a different country. He says his reason for not introducing me to his son is that the boy's mother creates instability by introducing him to a revolving door of guys she dates. Local guy did not marry the mother of his child and has never been married. Neither guy ever mentions any particular friends who are involved in their lives. What I want is an exclusive relationship with one man and to build a life together with that one man. I feel badly about dating both guys, but can't bring myself to be exclusive with either since neither seems to offer the relationship I want by incorporating me into their lives. What should I do? Thanks.


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  • It doesn't matter if they want to incorporate you.

    That will only happen if you'll get exclusive with one of them.

  • Well, when what you want is to fill a position, more than actually being with a guy, then you're obviously with the wrong guy(s).


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