Over thinking!? What to do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 months now. At the beginning he was the one pushing for the relationship by courting me, texting day and night (due to our schedules texting is our only way to communicate for now), and hanging out at least a day a week, and then I gave him a chance to make it official. Now he hardly texts me, I have to start the conversation, we still hang out and when we do he is the sweet guy that I know and we don't want the night to end. However, when we don't see each other he doesn't even attempt to contact me, if I text he sometimes replies and in blunt replies. I don't know how to handle this anymore?


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  • wel he is slowing down. either you slow down with him, or tell him you think you gus are drifting apart and you think you should break up.

    theres no magic bullet. you can't force someone to want you.

    and you shouldn't have to be a challenge to your boyfriend that's retarded. that's not a relationship its a game.

    dont play games because then you're just enforcing upon yourself what you already don't like him dong.creating distance.

    so talk to him about it. . or dump him. imo.

    on the other hand...if its great when you're together. can't you just enjoy the time you have together? why do you need to talk when you're apart?


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  • Sounds to me like he's bored. Try flirting or talking with other guys when he's around...but nothing to intense, just smiling at another guy whos talking to you should make him get his head out of his ass. Also try not responding to him periodically; you make just be not enough of a challenge.

  • It seems that your relationship is dying. It's better to move on. He's taking you for granted.


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