Hate a guy I recently dated but can't seem to get him out of my mind though, help?

He was a big douche/player and he treated me horribly and spoke to me rudely (after being ridiculously nice to me when we first met)

I can't seem to stop thinking about how horrible he treated me and why I was such an idiot for letting him. Having not met someone else yet hasn't helped with matters I guess.

What can I do to move on? I keep on replaying stupid conversations/meet ups and think if I did things differently I wouldn't have got so hurt. How do I get out of feeling like this?


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  • I'm the same and I hate it. I seem to keep trying to understand him or figure him out. It's a waste of time and I have to consciously try to stop. I'm so ready to start with a new guy but no action around here so I end up dwelling on how him being an ass makes me a bad person. It doesn't help that he still regularly asks me to call round for a booty call and I can't seem to say no enough that he gets it.

    They're the a**hole guys. Don't waste your time thinking about them and it means nothing about you. Everything he did was all about him. You could have been Miss Universe and he still would have been an ass.

    • Wow you sound like me! But I refused to put out because it was obvious he only wanted to sleep with me, so he got mad and we ended it. It hurts more because he only saw my looks and didn't care if I had a brain, hence why he treated me the way he did.

      He was so super nice and sweet at first, want to get over him asap.

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    • Nothing pathetic about you. They're the ones that are pathetic. My guy actually asked me after I rejected him for the tenth time if it was because his d*ck was too big for me. I laughed in his face. It's all about the ego and control. Sex must really suck for them if it's only something physical. There's no point letting a brainless animal get to you. Of course they have no idea how valuable you are. And that's your instincts telling you not to get comfortable with him. He's just a dog.

    • Thank you! That was lovely!

      Wow your guy sounds like my guy! haha! Mine said to me that I was eager to be with him, when in fact he literally begged for my number when we first started dating, and that I'm lucky that I've got such a good looking guy! Yeah I'd give him that he was hot, but that's where the compliments ended, he was such a douche bag! Arrogant beyond words.

      Feel as though we've had a lucky escape, onwards to better things! :)

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  • Ok so you hate him for how he treated you but inside you are still attracted to him?

    • Correct, I wouldn't have dated him if I weren't attracted to him.

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    • The only problem is this, he has my number (obv) and calls me randomly (I don't answer) but then I obv think of him. Even if I delete his number I still will know its him. I also hang out where he does, so that doesn't help. I don't think I should change where I go to please him, that will show him that he's got to me.

      But yeah a couple of weeks is not a lot of time, need to wait it out I guess.

    • Well. you can sms him and tell him that he should stop calling. Other wise.. if you can .. you should change year number. In regards to going to places.. if you want you can avoid them for a month or so .. not forever.. just for the critical period.. you know what I mean.. ? but you are also right in terms that it is year riht to go every where.. its a matter of choice .

  • You just need to find a new guy for yourself. That's the fastest way to move on.


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  • me tooo!

    i even try to talk to my girls about him and they change the topic and it reminds me to shut up about him. if your friends don't wanna hear it its a sign were being crazy and need to never mention him or think of him again

    • OMG my friends tell me to stop talking about him and move on, I so would if it was that easy!

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    • i agree! sigh I wish we meet mr. nice guy soon.

    • Me too! fed up with this :( Good luck hun!