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i met this girl...she texts me first every time, sends me a couple nude pics (did not ask for them), and seems like she kinda sorta likes me. but the thing is she will text me first, then when I answer she'll make it so the conversation goes dead by sending short texts. we've hung out twice, but not since I told her I have a crush on her...she says she's busy and pressocupied with feelings for her ex. I really like her she's perfection. help me out, some advice ladies?


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  • As a girl, I have known other girls who have done this sort of thing. What she wants is a challenge, you can't always make yourself so readily available to her every need. So next time she texts wait an hour or so and say sorry that you were busy, I know it sounds silly but it's how she is. However, she also needs attention. So when you text her back after waiting an hour or so, just kinda flirt with her. Ask her about her day and if she sends you a pic say how beautiful she is. So remember:: don't be so readily available to talk to her, but when you do play it smooth.


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