Do you think it sound like he still has something going on with his ex?

his ex and him been together for more than 4 years now. she calls him and text him all the time but he don't tell me so he don't think I know that she be texting him. when I'm not around they be talking but when she text him and he around me he don't respond to her messages but he reads them and when she calls him he just let the phone ring that is a signal to her that I am around him. he won't let me get the number out of his phone he screams all the time that she is getting on his nerves and that she won't leave him alone. I asked him to block her number he refused...i asked him to put her on the reject list...he refused to do that...he don't want me discussing him on my social pages he make me look completely single on there...he calls her all sort of bitches and hoes when he around me but I heard that he is using me for my money and know that I'm young...and that he and her always never part this the first time...the last time he had me answer the phone and after I hungup he got the phone from me...honestly I think he still love her he just be mad at her...what do you guys think


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  • From the looks of it, he still want the attention of his ex because there might be something going on behind your back. Those screaming and harsh labeling are just for a show.

    If you feel like he's using you, then yes, he really is using you. Women's instinct are 99% close to the truth.


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