Guys is this against the "bro code"?

So in my group of friends there are a few guys and they are all best mates, so then me and one of them (call him A) ended up hanging out and watched movies and plays games at his just us 2 but then we suddenly stopped and so I asked what happened and he said he doesn't feel that way about me so he distanced him self which was good. But then me and this other guy (call him B) started talk and now text every day all day and we just started hanging out and he asked me to stay last night and I did and we just cuddled and he kissed me, and he wants to hang out again (which is good )so my question is, is that kinda a bad thing cause I really don't want to be in the middle of 2 best mates, but it should be OK cause A didn't or doesn't like me in that way?

Should also ad that me and A never kissed or anything just cuddled when watching movies


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  • Basically its what inquisitivemale said.

    It boils down to how the guys feel. I typically advice girls against dating around within a group of guys because even if they seem OK with it, its still risky and playing with fire. Guys also aren't stupid and male friendships usually run pretty deep. Even if they hate each other at first, they usually end up realizing its the girl who is in the middle of things, and they'll turn against her.

    I know in my experience, most times were a girl started jumping between guys who were friends, it usually led to her being ousted by the group. She basically becomes a center for drama so the guys just kick her to the curb.

    You might be OK seeing as though the first guy came out and said he didn't like you like that. However I would still tread carefully. Try and pick up on whether or not any of the other guys are exhibiting jealous behavior of any sort.


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  • It would be against the BROS code if his friend did not encourage the relationship and cheer him on.

    • p.s. don't speak of the BROS code in public please. Women are not allowed to utter those two words in the same sentence otherwise you risk getting kidnapped and brain zapped. It's happened. I've seen it.

  • Not really but you are just going to create problems down the line if you hide it from your other friend. Break it to him gently and let him know that it won't change the dynamic of the group.

  • It's really okay. They are just friends, and you can be with B if you really want him.


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