What is this guy doing?

some guy from college was pursuing me last year. we "dated" for 3 weeks. to make a long story short, he knew I was very naive in the whole dating scene, and he told me outrageous things like "i think you're amazing, and so hot". honestly, I'm an average looking girl with a good body. he resisted very much to not take me out on a real date. he wouldn't spend any money on me, apart from coming over to my place or driving me around to the beach so we could walk on it. even when I asked him to take me out, he resisted and eventually just left me. we never had sex (I am a virgin and he knows that). BEFORE me, he dated this beautiful, high maintenance girl who he literally spent a lot of money on. SHE dumped him 2 weeks later.

1. do you think he resisted spending money on me because he didn't think I was very attractive?

2. or do you think he resisted spending money on me because he got burned by the highly attractive girl who dumped him earlier?


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  • I think he didn't take you out because he wasn't serious about you.Him complimenting you to that extent (I'm in no way saying you're unattractive) was probably because he sensed your naivity,and thought it would be an easy way to be the one to FINALLY get into your pants.He wasn't into investing in you at all,only through words to butter you up so hopefully,he could at the very least get laid.It had nothing to do with actual MONEY,it was more about him not seeing you as an investment because you were unwilling to put out...and he KNEW it.That's why he bolted.

    But thank your lucky stars he did.You don't need someone like him anyway.

    • Why do you think he was not serious about me? Could it be that I'm an average girl? Or 100% that I was not willing to put out?

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    • Knowing that either unless he tests you limits.Guys do it ALL of the time.And when a girl says she is a virgin and its not going to happen,he feels even more inclines to test her limits and boundaries.Its just the way it goes.Not all guys are like this of course.At your age,I think its important to at aleast TRY and date more for the sake of having some experience.I was SUCH a late bloomer and started dating pretty late,but now I can see "game" a mile away.So...just forget him.Try and date alot

    • what about the other girl? did he really like her? or was that a game too? and what does the fancy restaurant mean? (sorry if I'm asking too many questions)...

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  • 1. Not really. It must be that he's financially tight.

    2. Yes, that's it.


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  • I think he is a douche bag who can't quite get over being dumped and is not ready to date yet,nothing to do with your looks

    • he can't get over being dumped? so what does "spending" money have to do with it? does spending money mean dating?

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    • so he didn't want to impress me, yet he was hanging out with me...don't know what he wanted...

    • maybe he enjoyed your company,everything doesn't always have to end up in a serious relationship

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