Girls Dating out of boredom?

do women do that?

what is gained from it and why?

i went on a date recently with girl I have been seeing. barring that we both where out the night before and tired..i feel she may have been bored with me..yet she still wanted to hang out?

this was date 5.


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  • Yes,I do feel like some girls date out of boredom for a few reason:

    #1.Self esteem issues.

    Getting a date for some women can be...difficult.So...once someone comes along,regardless of what he looks like or what she actually thinks of him,she WILL go out with him.Why?Because SOMETHING is better than NOTHING. Its sort of like a very temporary confidence boost to relieve that "dry spell".


    Going out with someone who might be interested in what you have to say,and someone who is hanging on to your every word...priceless.Not having dates often can make some women just..."Take what they can get" out of sheer lonliness.

    #3.A free dinner and drinks

    Its the last thing on my list...probably because I think it is most pathetic...but girls do it ALL OF THE TIME.Pick a restaurant and a bar,meanwhile HE pays and she gets all of the perks while he is being used.I've heard it before..."No...I'm not interested,but at least I got a free meal."

    • yeah I agree on all 3. I know number 3 happened didn't bother me..its part of the risk of dating.

      i may be dealing with number 2 right now..i would be shocked if it was #3 for me.

      so I will have to wait and see.

    • Thanks for ba.:)

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  • Some women do that because they can't get any date for a long time now.

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