Single friends getting jealous of my dates?

Hey people,

Okay so the title basically states my question, but Ill explain a little more.

So w.e I have a lot of single friends, because well I'm single. Anyways, this question goes both to guys and girls, because well both my guy and girl friends are getting jealous of my dates.

So let me explain, I've been single for about 5 years now. Its cool no biggy, I date whoever I want, when ever I want. And do what I like, when I like, and with who I like. (not to sound snobby but I do)

So w.e I'm a very popular guy, and I have a lot of single friends, guys and girls. Now I have a lot of sexy single gfs. But when I flirt with them, its like they don't give a sh*t, and let it fly over there heads. But when they hear I'm going on a date, or I'm going out without them, they go all nuts and start asking who I'm seeing, and if it means anything. Literally.

Whats the deal with that?

The guys on the other hand, will be like all pissed at me, cause I have all these dates lined up, and they can't get any dates. So I even offer to introduce them to some girls lthat I'm not too into cause maybe they might be into them, and they just turn down the offer and get pissed at me?

First off, if my girls that are just friends like me, then why don't they wanna bite aka flirt with me, and show me more? Do they actually like me, and just don't wanna say anything? And why do they get jealous that I'm going out after if their no interested.

And why are the guys acting like such lumps? like I offer sexy woman, that I don't have a lot of chemistry with to them, and they act all wack.


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  • I can understand your guy friends getting a little jealous, but there's no need to be pissy with you. They should be happy for you.

    As far as your girl friends, they're probably just excited for you. I do the same with my guy friends...I'm not interested in them, so I'm genuinely excited when they have a new option. Most girls are like that with their girl friends, too. My one friend just told me she has a date for this week and I went on a rant asking her with who and where and what he looks like and how she feels about it lol. Sometimes we can't help it.

    • Yea I don't think so... I think your thinking opposite of what your actually telling me. Judging by their reactions...

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  • Those girls actually like you. It's just that they want you to chase for them.

    • Yea but linguine, they gotta show interest too. I can't be the only one doing it. Doesnt work like that.