Is he into me? What should I do?

So we finally went on a date after messaging for months. We would chat on and off both of us being busy with studies and all. We would make dates and cancel them. We had late night chats alot.

So back to finally going to this sort of date. We met up for coffee. He was late and he said he was submitting an assignmnent and he rushed to see me.

Anyhow, I asked him to come back and hang at my place since I didn't want to stay out late. He strung along and helped me till late night with an assignment. We talked a lot tt. Finally. We are back to texting and cancelling dates. I really do like him and he's told me does too. He likes almost all my pics tgat I upload on Facebook recently and flirts when we text too.

However, I text first usually. He replies late. Always making excuses. But sometimes they are reasable. Then hardly he messages me first.

Problem is he is manly, but too endorsed with friends. Always watching basketball matches or going out to games.I feel if I go to him then he will make time. But doesn't feel like he has that time unless I go to him!

What should I do? I really do like him and seems he likes me too when we talk. Cause even when we hung out we talked for hours and he helped with my assignment!


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  • Yes, he's really into you and it seems that he's playing it cool since you're not exclusive yet. How about you ask him to hang out as well, and flirt with him. Shower him with interests.

    • Is he? I did ask him out recently. I told him looks like if I gotta catch you, I have to come to your uni just to spend some time with you!

      he laughed and said yeah.. definatly, come!

      then I said sure, then we can go somewhere do bowling or something. we made plans fr Saturday, and he said he has to do a group assignment first, then he would message me. I was waiting, but he never got back to me.

      then couple of days later, he liked my pic on Facebook and commented looking good.

      then messaged m

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