Women: how do you feel about dates on weekdays?

I know Friday and Saturday nights are most popular for dates. and I know Sunday nights are not good for dates because people need to prepare for work.

but would Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night be a bad idea for dates. I mean what else are people going to do after work on those days: watch tv?

but there's also an issue of I guess, maybe their mind is on work or school and during the weekend it's easier to just forget about work and enjoy yourself.

do you have a preference on what day you'd like to go out on a date with a guy? if you prefer weekends, are weekdays necessarily bad options?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Weekdays are fine for the first couple dates since you're just getting to know your date.

    When things get more serious, then add in Friday and Saturday dates. Sunday brunch is fine too.

    • true, on a weekday it's easy to go to starbucks for an hour. but if its more romantic, I'd want to be what she's looking forward to after a hard week of work :) :) :)

What Guys Said 1

  • I work weekends and it is almost impossible to meet anyone, that is free to date during the week.

    • i mean what are people doing from 6 30 to 8pm on a Tuesday night?

    • Most women are getting ready for work the next day, or dealing with their kids, after school. Most of them are not willing to meet during weekdays, when so many other guys are available on the weekends.