If it's understood that we like each other...why is he trying to make me jealous by talking about other girl's

So this guy and I have been getting to know each other for about two months. We're not in a commiterd relationship, we both date other people. Today he told me about a girl he ran back into. He was bragging about all of her accomplishment's and financial status. Finally I had to ask him if he was attracted to her. He paused and replied that he didn't know. Now mind you, he told me how they had, went out for drink's and caught up on old time's. He then added: "She is very beautiful." I feel crushed. First of all, we're both single. I'm sure he date's. But I don't want to hear about it. DO YOU THINK HE WAS TRYING TO MAKE ME JEALOUS? It's weird because although he alway's tell's me how beautiful I am and contact's me on a regular basis...I feel like he's just not that into me. He doesn't try to see me like he use to, and has stood me up several time's. He wasn't like this before. If he is trying to push me away...he succeeded this time. I give up.


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  • I just came got dumped 3 weeks ago, it was a mess. I stayed even though it was bad and it wasn't what I wanted because I was weak and I felt like I needed him. So I allowed him to treat me as he wanted to, I was his tool to use. I do not want any other girl to go through the same rollercoaster so I am being blunt and realistic.

    If we are more confident and assertive as women, would stop ignoring the red flags as they appear and quit while we are ahead we would save ourselves the heartache and the feeling of unworthiness. I have learned a lot from my failed relationship and I want to use it to inspire women to be better . Message me anytime


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  • He's not trying to make you jealous. He's just trying to get a reaction from you.

    • why would he want a reaction from me?

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  • He either likes you and is trying to get you jealous , so that you will give him your full attention


    He knows you like him and is trying to cheapen you by making you feel jealous so he can lead you to his bed to sleep with you sooner.

    Talk to him some more, figure him out, do not ignore the red flags and do not be afraid to leave if he isn't displaying behavior that you want

    • I started mirroring his behavior. But after today... I'm done, and he don't even know it. Whatever he was trying to do...back fired. I'm fadeing to black, Thank you for your advice. I've seen other advice you give and you seem to be on point.

    • *fading*


  • Yeah :-(... Maybe you sent out vibes you weren't interested and he's heartbroken . I guess his way of paying you back..and pushing you away to. He figured this might be an easier way rather than walk away..or express his feelings.. And not be rejected. Well in the sense of you actuallysay saying it. Ya know...I know how this sucks...I'm sorry Ur going through this.

    • i did give him attention. in the beginning he told me he couldn't believe he was having the kind of feelings he was having for me so soon. and then he told me he was going to stop giving me so much attention...and he did. I am done riding his rollar coaster...and being his personal yo-yo. thank you so much, hon:)