Is he sending mixed signals or are we just friends?

I kind of like this guy, but he is leaving soon to go to college and I'm still in high school. I was joking around with him when he asked me to take his shift and I said "only if you take me on a date" and he said he would and I said "jk I can't take it I have stuff to do". And he asked me today, but then was like "nevermind someone else is going to take it", I replied "Damn when am I gonna get that date and how is your mom"..I was kind of joking but then he said "We can go on a date, and she's good" and I said "When are you free?" and then he said "Why? You wanna go on a date with me lol" So what the hell do I say, I don't get him, yesterday he was telling me how he only tells me the truth and he doesn't know why and ugghhh I don't even know what to do. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you:)


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  • it seems to me that you are sending mixed signals.

    Only if you take me on a date...jk...

    He has offered to take you on a date, so it seems clear that he is displaying interest. Go for it if you like him, don't make it a game of cat and mouse

  • It seems that he's just friendly with you, but doesn't want to move your friendship beyond that.


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