How do I know if this girl is into me

first off let me head this off with, she is typical finnish, not very open with her emotions, not very touchy feely, unless she has a drink etc.

we both got dumped about the same time (about 3 months ago) , so have been hanging out in a misery loves company sort of way...we also both play the same video we talk a lot, most nights of the week in fact.

we have been hanging out every weekend for the past few months, and once or twice she has avoided hanging out with other people by hanging out with me instead.

she is also taking a trip with my mother and I out of state to visit family because she wants to see the area.

now the confusing part is this, when I was dating my ex (it was long distance) she use to hit on we talk a lot about what we look for in people and we both match up pretty well with each other (i'm a little smaller than she prefers, but like wise she is taller and blonder than my usual type)...but now I can't tell if she is into me...if she is still deciding or just getting over her ex and interested but not ready...everyone we know sort of already assumes we are dating or that we will end up dating because of how close we have gotten in a short period of time.

she keeps saying things that make me think she is not interested, but also I get the feeling that she is hinting that she wants me to make a move.

(for the record I am not experienced in the flirting area <.<)

I should add, that I really like hanging out with her and would be happy even if we stayed just friends because she is a lot of another thing I am worried about is, what if I make a move and get it wrong and things get weird...I am a bit worried about misreading signs and ruining a friendship.
so should I just hang out with her for a few months until I think she is over him before asking?

Or should I approach her before that?


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  • She really is interested in you. It's just that she's having a hard time moving on from her ex for the moment.