Can you please advise, if its gonna be fine?

We have known each other for three years, for the last 7months we have been dating long distance- online and messaging. I came to town where she lives and after 5 months of absence and we agreed to finally meet today but because of my college exam showed up on the radar at the same time I asked her if its OK to meet later this day and she responded that she is busy and that she is not available on the evening. There were times when she did disappear so to speak for a couple of days anit drove me nuts. Another problem is that I am on vacation here and gonna go back in a week and a half. Can I please advise on if its gonna be OK or something?


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  • It's not likely going to be 'ok' if she won;t alter her plans for you, given that you're only in town a week. She's trying to send a signal not to get excited about your relationship...and likely, she has someone else and doesn't want to tell you.

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but that's how it reads!


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  • You have a week and a half left. That's plenty of time to set something up.

    The way to look at it is, it wasn't an excuse that she was busy. She probably had something to do.

    You've known each other a long time. It's most likely nothing to worry about and the only advice really is to try and set something up as soon as possible.

    I'm not sure why she disappears. Is she shy? Does she live a busy lifestyle?

  • It's gonna be okay as long as you can drag her out of her house and spend time with you.