Am I just being a paranoid, overanalytical woman? Lol, why isn't texting like he used to

We haven't seen each other in almost two weeks, but we've been dating for a few months (not relationship, just dating), and he usually texts me every day. Not obsessively or constantly, just small talk and to make plans for when we next hang out. Two weeks ago he made tentative plans for me to come over, but for the past week he hasn't been texting. I see his Facebook, he's not exactly busy 24/7, and I've initiated a few convos, and he always replies promptly, but doesn't initiate like before. He hasn't solidified any plans either for this coming weekend.

Am I just being dumb? Is he talking to some other chick? (omg...) Is this normal behavior for a guy who likes me (cuz he says he does, we've established that). Ugh, I'm being lame, and I know we're not even in a committed relationship, but this communication isn't normally how it is between us. And he KNOWS I get jealous and will LEAVE if he's talking to other girls.



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  • If he's still replying, it means he's interested, but is just busy that he can't set up any other plans to squeeze in his busy schedule.


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