Old friend messaged me

i had a huge crush on him and he knew it but we were really good friends. he ended up moving for a job and I Haven't seen him in over a year. he messaged me saying he got a new phone and for me to text him and chat sometime and even stated he'd love to visit me. I just don't know why he messaged me randomly after all this time... not like we had bad terms.. we were great buddies and I just happened to have a crush and he knew. so of course I'm interested in why he is contacting me so randomly ;) just wondering opinions.


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  • He might be ready for you but be careful he may be just wanting in your pants and is using his knowledge against you. Keep your pants on until you feel he is serious.

  • It seems like he's interested in you, and now that he has a great job, he want to straight out his dating life.


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