Why won't he text first if he seems interested in the conversation?

So if a guy texts you first for a long time and then you text him first the next few times and he seems really interested in the conversation (asking questions, long answers) and stuff, does he really want to talk to you? Why won't he text first anymore? Could it be the fact that he's kind of shy when it comes to stuff like this? The last time we talked lasted two full days and he seemed very into the conversation.


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  • Similar to what the other person said, yes, the guy is probably interested in talking with you, but is having difficulties in finding things to say himself. He could also be shy, or crafty with the way he initiates a conversation . Try to encourage him to text to you first. When you think he is now confident with talking to you, he should always text first.

    • How can I encourage him to message me first? Should I make an excuse to text first, then end that conversation and tell him to text me later when he has time? How can I do it in a cute way and will he think I'm needy if I message first again? The last time I texted first I waited a week to message again. Should I wait again or what? lol sorry for all the questions. Guys are confusing!

    • Lead him first by asking him about a certain topic. Make him answer in detail and put his personality into the topic. You can also try to approach him by telling him to text you with a certain question in mind that he is wondering about you. You would also need to make it clear to him that he can ask anything without you feeling awkward about it and etc. This way, he may learn that you are a person that he can speak to confidently.

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  • He really does want to talk to you. Perhaps, he can't come up with conversation topics that's why he always rely on you.


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