Comparing me to a model

I have a question. I have been working out for a year now. This girl that I like saw me in a tank top. Well today we were walking with her friends and she saw a poster of this model guy.

He was chiseled and she out of nowhere blirts out "Oh wow this guy has Brad's body" and all of a sudden she keeps looking at me and the poster etc she also in the past has kissed my triceps, kissed my back etc She told me my she likes how my clothes are since I've added the muscle etc

I know there are things such as a physical attraction etc and nothing else but what am I to think? I went from being skinny to having some cuts and muscles. I am not muscular as I want but I think she is cute.

I just don't want her to like me for my body and we've known each other since 5th grade and are now in high school.


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  • She really does like your body a lot.

    • Thanks so much! It took me a lot of hours and skipping out on foods I love to get this far.

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  • Obviously, she wants you.

    Most girls do want an emotional connection. So I wouldn't worry about that.

    • Thanks it's just one of those things. Where someone can throw out mixed signals as they say. In time the emotional part shows I know you can't have one w/o the other.

  • See all those mannequins at Abercrombie and American Eagle? They were molded from my body.

    Be jealous. Be jealous.

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