What do I feel about this girl?

We have gone on a few sole dates

kissed on all dates

date 4 we did not kiss and date 5 I kinda had to plant a kiss since she gave me cheek

i have met a few girls this year alone that at the start I felt strongly towards them..and then when they said they wanted to be just friends it hurt ( after 2 dates). I think after being burned so mush in my life I'm actually numb to the idea of being with someone and expect things not to wrk out.

this current girl..i like her a lot...after 3 great dates the last 2 have slowed down.

i have not lost interest in her..but sometimes I'm maybe to nervous or tired to say something.

if she told me she only wants to 'be friends'..it would not hurt as bad. maybe because of being burned a lot..im used to it

i think about her all the time. part of me is holding back though.

what do I feel? a crush?

at the same time I don't know what she feels.

she may see me as a friend only.

i hope not.

i feel I should like her more ..but I think I hold back.

i also don't want to see any other girls.

i guess my question is also"if I like her so much why doesn't it feel like it?"


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  • many guys end up in the friend zone Instead of stateing upfront where they stand with the girl. If you act like just a friend then you will be looked at as a friend but if you honestly openly share your intentions, and feelings and then ask the girl how she feels too, you can move on to the next step of becoming closer with the girl or just ending it.


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  • It sounds like you like her. don't be deterred by those past situations. you have to take those risks to get the rewards and if you get "burned" at least you know where you stand and can move on. but you don't want to NOT find out what's what simply in an effort to avoid hearing how she truly feels.

    If she likes you you want to find this out

    If she doesn't like you, you REALLY want to find out before you put any more effort, energy or emotion into the relationship

  • You feel deep attraction to the girl. Don't let this opportunity go, and give her your all.

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